My First DIY Eurorack Case

01/25/2021 12:36

I have always wanted to buy Eurorack modules, and now that Microsoft if offering their employees $1200/year towards hobbies/health, I can finally justify buying these overpriced synthesizers!

Eurorack modules come in traditional server-rack measurements called "rack-units". All eurorack modules are 3U tall, and have variable horizontal pitch. You need a case that satisfies these requirements in order to house these bad boys; and there is no way I am going to waste ~$100.00+ on a case that does not make noise. I have never done any wood-working, but I have always wanted to try. Especially now, since I have moved into a new house and plan on building the shelving/storage in our closets.

What better way to cut my teeth than a simple bi-level shelf like object. Here is v.1:

v.1 came out semi-functional. As it was my first time using a hand-saw, my cuts were jagged and my bottom shelf was uneven. I was only able to fit the modules that you see above; the left side was pitched up by a few millimeters and there was no way I could adjust it without drilling all new holes and maybe flipping the rack to the opposite side to provide space for new screw holes.

My main issue was the amount of force I was applying to the handsaw. I watched a few tutorials about proper stance and preparation, and then decided to go back to The Home Depot (my home away from home) and buy another plank of wood to build v.2

With a lighter touch and steady hand, I embarked on my first successful wood-working construction!

I even managed to build a holder for my cables. I haven't stained v.2 yet, but will do eventually.

With a lust for more modules, I assume I will be building a bigger case in no time. 

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