Growing Japanese Maple Bonsai from Seed - Part 2

03/28/2021 04:03

Read Part 1 First!

Who would have thought these ebay bought, dried up seeds would have germinated! I must admit, I was extremely skeptical of them after watching Mike Kincaid's series mentioned in the previous post. Apparently none of the ones he bought on ebay germinated.

Well, if you recall, we separated the seeds into three groups. (a) control group, (b) damp group, (c) soaked group. Both b & c groups germinated after two months in the refridgerator and group a has yet to see any growth.

Above: group a - no growth

Above: group b - germination is happening. (group b looks darker than group c as group b was stored without a paper towel)

Above: group c - also germinating nicely


I took out my clear plastic bin and began drilling holes into it for drainage. Clear plastic has been chosen in hopes to act as a greenhouse as it is still a bit cold where I am. Admittedly, I am planting them hastily, but I am too excited to wait. Hopefully this will not be their demise!

This is the soil we are using for this project as well as the garden my wife is taking care of.

Here they are! I planted them all in the same tub. group b is at the top in this picture, group a in the middle, and group c at the bottom. they are not really separated but how scientific has this whole expirement been really? All I want are some trees!!!

Expect a post as soon as I see any signs of sprouting. 

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