Birthday Jam 29

11/29/2021 03:10

I end up recording a song every year on my birthday. I never think much of it beforehand, just end up making something that I like and think it is worth recording. My wife gifted me my long forelonged after sequential controller module and this is what I came up with.

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modular, jam, synth, birthday

New Subscribe Feature Added

04/05/2021 11:07

You can now subscribe to this blog and receive email updates!!

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Site Updates
site updates

Growing Japanese Maple Bonsai from Seed - Part 2

03/28/2021 04:03

The seeds have germinated! I planted them in a bin outside. Let's see what happens next!

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bonsai, japanese maple, gardening

Modular Jam 3 - Does This Mean War?

03/28/2021 03:41

This should not really be considered a jam, as this was a more intentional recording of music than the previous. I may need to rethink the name of this blog category going forward or diverge into a separate branch for these songs composed with purpose.

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eurorack, modular, jam

Modular Jam 2 - New Eurorack Case

03/18/2021 01:28

Jam number 2. I needed to upgrade my cloud server to upload this one.

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eurorack, modular, jam

Leaving Academia – A Practical Guide to Ditching Your Ph. D and Learning to Code

03/16/2021 03:40

Ever wonder why those in academia and the like think the suggestion “Learn to Code” is problematic. Well, other than their tired mantra of “problematize everything”, I think the reason is that they are realizing people are actually leading successful lives once leaving the ivory tower. I will never forget my advisor asking me “Well, what else would you do if you left academia?” Literally anything else. If you made it to a Ph.D. program, you can succeed elsewhere. It will just take dedication and motivation. There are two rules here: (1) Don’t give up; and (2) Keep going. 

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Software Development
academia, coding, howto

Deploy Flask App to Ubuntu Server with Nginx & gUnicorn a la Corey Schafer

03/11/2021 02:21

Corey Schafer's Flask Tutorial taught me how to code. It is also the first series I recommend anyone learning python (after a simple syntax lesson). While I have probably watched this tutorial 5 times already, the video in the series which explains setting up an Ubuntu server and deploying your flask app has yet to be retained. In order to circumvent this, I have compiled a step-by-step guide geared towards the experienced developer.  All syntax and order of operations without the hand-holding of an explanation for each command. 

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Software Development
ubuntu, gunicorn, linux, nginx, python, flask, coding

Modular Jam - 1

02/20/2021 10:32

Improptu modular jam session

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eurorack, modular, jam

My First DIY Eurorack Case

01/25/2021 12:36

Check out my first woodworking project: a 3U Eurorack Case!

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diy, eurorack, woodworking

Growing Japanese Maple Bonsai from Seed - Part 1

01/25/2021 12:00

Follow me as I try to grow Japanese Maple Trees from seeds bought on Ebay.

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japanese maple, bonsai, gardening

Shards of Depravity

11/21/2020 08:51

Shards of Depravity was my first attempt at translating short stories. It contains three selections from Dazai Osamu 太宰治 including: "Vow Fulfillment" 満願, "Morning" 朝, and "Cherries" 桜桃. It is probably my most "complete" translation work, despite it being completed during my naive undergraduate years. Regardless, this document will always be held dear to my heart as the catalyst for my love of translation as well as my love of Japanese fiction.

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Osamu Dazai, Academia, Translation, Dazai, Short Stories, Japanese

Manchu Grammar Overview

11/21/2020 08:23

I created this grammar overview as a teaching aide for the Manchu languange. I think it was quite effective so I am sharing it here. I also plan to share a bunch of the documents I created/wrote/translated while pursuing a career in academia. No need for these to rot away in cloud storage if they can be of use to someone!

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manchu, academia, east asian languages, grammar

How To: Set Up Pi-Hole on a Rock64 - Block ads network-wide for ~$15

11/21/2020 08:11

Set up a cheap Rock64 to run PiHole! 

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Single Board Computing
linux, RockPi64, piHole