Modular Jam - 1

02/20/2021 10:32

Improptu modular jam session

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eurorack, modular, jam

My First DIY Eurorack Case

01/25/2021 12:36

Check out my first woodworking project: a 3U Eurorack Case!

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diy, eurorack, woodworking

Growing Japanese Maple Bonsai from Seed - Part 1

01/25/2021 12:00

Follow me as I try to grow Japanese Maple Trees from seeds bought on Ebay.

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japanese maple, bonsai, gardening

Shards of Depravity

11/21/2020 08:51

Shards of Depravity was my first attempt at translating short stories. It contains three selections from Dazai Osamu 太宰治 including: "Vow Fulfillment" 満願, "Morning" 朝, and "Cherries" 桜桃. It is probably my most "complete" translation work, despite it being completed during my naive undergraduate years. Regardless, this document will always be held dear to my heart as the catalyst for my love of translation as well as my love of Japanese fiction.

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Osamu Dazai, Academia, Translation, Dazai, Short Stories, Japanese

Manchu Grammar Overview

11/21/2020 08:23

I created this grammar overview as a teaching aide for the Manchu languange. I think it was quite effective so I am sharing it here. I also plan to share a bunch of the documents I created/wrote/translated while pursuing a career in academia. No need for these to rot away in cloud storage if they can be of use to someone!

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manchu, academia, east asian languages, grammar

How To: Set Up Pi-Hole on a Rock64 - Block ads network-wide for ~$15

11/21/2020 08:11

Set up a cheap Rock64 to run PiHole! 

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Single Board Computing
linux, RockPi64, piHole